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How much does it cost to get a VR setup

After all that hype and craze, VR technology is finally available in your nearest tech store. From Facebook to Sony, almost every tech player has invested in this sector to bring the awaited change.

Every single technology junkie wants to get their hands wet by diving into the VR experience. It’s fun to jump into the world of virtual reality as multiple monitor setup is too old school. Although this whole new concept is worth checking out but have you ever calculated the actual expense of owning a VR setup?

A normal person can predict that this super-duper piece of tech would be expensive but we need exact specs, right? Addressing more, the cost is a major hurdle when it comes to experiencing a high-end virtual reality environment; however that isn’t the case when you are just starting out. Don’t get us wrong here, a VR setup is divided into three sections, mobile, pc, and console that sets out the costing.

Above being said, let’s sketch out the cost graph of your next VR setup by dividing the setups into three portions.

  • Mobile

If you are a user who wants to experience what it is like to be inside the virtual world, trying out the mobile VR is the best option. You just need a VR box and your smartphone to jump inside the world of future.

Products like Google Cardboard, Homido and Zeiss VR one are compatible with any smartphone to launch out the virtual reality field. They just cost in the middle of $20 and $120 to give you an impression of VR potential.

  • PC

Got enough cash to flow? Pc will give you the best and high-end experience of the VR world with the most intense feels.

To be crystal clear, along with buying a hefty VR headset like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive you also need to update your PC alongside as per the requirements. $500 – $700 for the VR headset and $1000 to notch up your PC hardware will surely result in a never seen experience.

  • Console

Say no more if you have a PS4 lying around as the Playstation VR is just the right match that will take you to the world of VR. This addon cost around $400 that pairs up with your PS4 to give you amazing virtual reality experience.

So, What is your pick? Tell us in comments sections below.

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