Augmented Reality

How can Augmented Reality be used in the future

Augmented Reality is often perceived as the future of the technology. AR is still in the development stage but many brands and companies and continuously striving to make it more meaningful. The amazing augmented reality apps are giving a new perspective to how people interact and actually learn from their environment.

Many users are now experiencing the first look of the augmented reality through their very own smartphones and tablets. One of the many cool applications of AR is in a museum in Washington where visitors see the skin over a skeleton of various animals. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning and the potential of augmented reality is huge.

Below is how we believe augmented reality can really transform our lives…


Assisting Drivers

Head-up displays are quickly becoming the norm in modern cars. This technology displays important information like speed, GPS routes and more on the windshield. The augmented reality, however, will take this to a next level. Through AR glasses, drivers will have these vital information over their driving view – that is, not just on a screen but in every direction they look at. The augmented reality glasses can collaborate with your car’s electronics and sensors to display information like braking distance, how much fuel is left, where is the nearest gas station, local weather, music player control and more.

Making Jobs Easier

The augmented reality will provide critical information to workers making their work easier and more effective. GE Aviation is already using VR headsets and a specially created AR software to help mechanics build better aircraft engines.

The field of medicine may soon get the real taste of AR. According to many doctors, nurses, doctors and other paramedical staff may soon be seen with a VR headset at work. This gadget will show important patient’s data during a medical procedure.

Assisting Shopping

We are not far from a time where augmented reality wear would be used by the shoppers to check product details like price, nutritional information, ingredients and quickly read some of the online reviews before actually buying the product.

Creating More Immersive Game Play

Pokemon Go was one of the major hits of 2016. People went crazy chasing the virtual characters in real life locations. To be honest, Pokemon Go was still very basic and we are bound to see more games that can transform the gaming industry.

We are sure there are many other ways AR can influence our future. If you have something to share in this regard, feel free to use comments below.

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