Augmented Reality

How can Augmented Reality be used in the future

Augmented Reality is often perceived as the future of the technology. AR is still in the development stage but many brands and companies and continuously striving to make it more meaningful. The amazing augmented reality apps are giving a new perspective to how people interact and actually learn from their environment. Many users are now …

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VR Setup

How much does it cost to get a VR setup

After all that hype and craze, VR technology is finally available in your nearest tech store. From Facebook to Sony, almost every tech player has invested in this sector to bring the awaited change. Every single technology junkie wants to get their hands wet by diving into the VR experience. It’s fun to jump into …

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What is Standalone Google Daydream

Google cardboard was launched in 2014 to show everyone out there what VR experience feels like. Since then, Google is working hard to take things to the next step with affordability and reachability in mind. Let’s revise the whole Google Daydream project and then derive what is really a Standalone Google Daydream headset. Google Daydream: …

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